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Privacy Policy

Privacy is about trust, and your trust in us is our most valued asset. We understand that your financial, personal, and business information is your private property, and we pledge to safeguard this sensitive and confidential information as allowed by law.

What Information We Gather and Who It Is Obtained From

In order to provide you with the products and services you need, we need to gather personal information about you. Some of that information may not be public. Below are the sources and types of non-public financial and health data we obtain.

Directly from you, on applications and forms, or verbally about you, your family, your business partners, or your employees, we may gather social security number, driver's license number, business gross earnings, payroll, assets and property value(s), account balances, employment, annual income, payment history, outstanding debt, traffic violations, accidents, claim history, and medical data.

Your past transactions and relationships with us, our affiliates, credit bureaus, and consumer reporting agencies may provide us with information about payment history, outstanding debt, credit report, policy coverage, premiums paid, claims history, insurance inquiries, accidents, motor vehicle report, experience rating, medical history, and employment history.

Upon request, and at your expense, you are entitled to receive a copy of your credit or consumer reports. We would be happy to provide you with the institution's name and address.

Why and to Whom We Disclose the Above Information

For the purpose of providing, servicing, or processing your insurance risk protection, we may disclose some or all (depending on your risk need) of your confidential information to an insurance institution or agency, third-party affiliate or non-affiliate, or credit reporting agency.

In order to detect, prevent, or prosecute criminal activity, fraud, or misrepresentation in connection with an insurance transaction or in response to an audit of our operations or services, we may be required to disclose some or all of your information to an insurance institution, credit reporting agency, third-party affiliate or non-affiliate, insurance regulatory authority, law enforcement agency, or other governmental authority.

In contrast, we pledge the following:

  • We do not sell or distribute your personal information to others for telemarketing purposes.
  • We do not provide information regarding your character, personal habits, mode of living or general reputation unless it is required by the insurance transaction with us.
  • We will not disclose information about your insurance policy to other interests of the policy like drivers, mortgagees, or lienholders unless it is information the party has rights to under the policy language or you have given us written permission to do so.
  • We will not disclose violation, accident, or claim history of any listed driver to anyone other than that specific individual and the insuring company.
  • All written documents with your private, and some public, information will be shredded before discarding. This office has safeguards in place to restrict access to your information from an outside source.
  • Since we do not share, except as allowed by law, or sell any of your information, there is no need for an "opt out" process with Integrity Insurance Agency, LLC.